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by Bionic Beauty on 01.Dec.2008 · 2 comments

My brows are far from “unruly” but I still like to give them a brush and ‘set’ before heading out the door. If I’m in a hurry to leave, my must-do’s are grooming my brows and one coat of mascara. It just helps open my whole face up.

Elke Von Freudenberg just launched her own line of eyebrow cosmetics and I got the chance to trial Brow Tamer.  The wax is packaged in a sleek black pot similar to a trendy little lip gloss pot. The wax itself is unscented (which is a plus) and the perfect consistency. I just rubbed my finger across the wax a few times, then rubbed my finger across my eye brow. Repeated for the other side and then brushed them into the shape I want. This wax held all day without being noticeable or goopy (yes, that’s a technial term, HA!). It’s translucent so there’s no nude to worry about color-matching.
Brow Tamer by The Model Brow

I usually use clear mascara (the cheapy one from CoverGirl) to comb and set my brows, but Elke’s Model Brow line has me taming my brows in style. I really love this little pot of Brow Tamer. I carry it almost everywhere now. Definitely a Bionic Buy!

The Model Brow’s brow tamer wax is available online for $16 per pot. The rest of The Model Brow is also getting rave reviews. Elke’s got everything from brow shadows to brushes and gel tamers.

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1 Beautiful-Faces December 16, 2008 at 11:57 am

Elke’s brow line is wonderful. I just tried her “Sin City”… love it!! It’s a medium brown brow powder with a tiny bit of shimmer in it – just the right amount for a night out on the town. The consistency is smooth and long lasting and even after dancing for hours, it never ran or smudged. Love it!!!

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