Ten Things I Love

by Bionic Beauty on 16.Nov.2007

Since I am a new member of the Beauty Blog Network, Elke tagged me to complete this meme (meme= short bio, quiz type thing). So here goes…

Ten Things I Love:

  1. My family and friends (awww…).
  2. The smell of a new shampoo.
  4. Animals- all sorts, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, fish, geckos, horses, cows, snakes, you name it, i love it. Well, maybe not alligators.
  5. A rainy day.
  6. Road trips without a planned arrival time. Just driving, listening to music and stopping whenever it feels right.
  7. Coconut lotion, yum.
  8. My computer, an Apple Macbook. I’ve waited so long for this baby!
  9. An excellent pair of jeans, a fitted white T-shirt and a great occasion to wear them.
  10. Lip balm. Must…have…lip…balm. 😉

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