Happy Thanksgiving! Relax and de-stress with Bionic Beauty

by Bionic Beauty on 27.Nov.2008

There’s no denying it now… it’s the holiday season. That brings with it all the stress, crazy-shopping, cart-bumping, internet ordering, late nights, cooking, planning, decorating and holiday parties.

I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray. I’m Jami. And whatever I cook or wear will be loved by my friends and my family. It may not be perfect, but ya know… that’s what makes it unique.

But when a self-pep talk isn’t enough to calm my nerves, I turn to several proven Bionic relaxers. Deep breathing always helps. I slowly breathe in and out while counting in my head or imagining beautiful washes of color across my face. Yeah, it sounds kooky, I know. But it works for me.

Happy holidays from the Bionic Beauty blog

On the more physical side, I’ll run a nice warm bath and sprinkle in my favorite bath salts. And for the record, those would be Y-Y’s Seascape which is a tub of moisturizing bath salts. They smell wonderful, dissolve easily, and have the bonus of helping to detox your skin and body. They are also white so there’s no icky film or crumbs to scrub out of your tub afterwards (face it, you DON’T need that extra step during the holidays). Another of my faves is International Orange’s “Bathe”. Their salt crystals are scented with white lotus flower, orange blossom, and vetiver root. Again, great scents for relaxing and detoxing.

After the bath and since it’s winter time (and hence dry), I rub down with my favorite lotion. If you have more than one, let you mind decide what it wants. If you listen, it’s just like a craving. Your body can “lead” you to what scents it wants or “craves”.

Another secret from the Bionic household? Face masks. I picked up a little kit from Astara which holds trial sizes of all their face masks (its $69 and well worth the money…it would make a great gift too). During the holidays I usually slather my face with the Golden Flame Hydration Mask. It’s made to soothe and hydrate tired and dry skin. And usually everyone needs a little extra facial moisture during the holidays. Alcohol can dry your skin, plus the elements, and indoor environment- running the heat zaps humidity out of your home’s air.

Relax, destress and your holiday season will be much more enjoyable!

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