The Best Underground Beauty Products?

by Bionic Beauty on 02.Apr.2013 · 9 comments

Hipster beauty products?  Oi vey.  I sometimes wonder who comes up with article titles on some websites.

I know my titles probably aren’t the most creative but I’m writing them to be informative and not just key-worded-loaded.

And now I will stop ranting and turn you over to this list from Total Beauty.  Read and enjoy… then let me know what are YOUR favorite underground/indie beauty products?

6 Underground, Hipster-Worthy Beauty Products

These products are so cool, you’ve probably never even heard of them


6 Underground, Hipster-Worthy Beauty Products

This is a Makeup 

At this point, the label “hipster” has so many changing definitions and technicalities that you will probably qualify as one in some form eventually. But one thing most can agree on is a hipster’s appreciation of underground things that aren’t tarnished (yet) by being “mainstream” and loved by the masses. No, we’d never disapprove of a CoverGirl concealer or Rimmel mascara, but every now and then it’s fun to embrace your inner hipster and get in on something others have yet to discover. Consider this one of those times.

See products  

Come over to the anti-hipster side… We have cookies,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog


1 Tashi April 3, 2013 at 4:55 pm

My favorite underground/indie products? I am so old school, “underground” for me, would be mud. 😉 Seriously, I can’t think of anything. But I was intrigued by the article. I figure, hipster or not, if it’s a product that you like, and one that works well for you, buy it, regardless of its status, etc. If nothing else, if your once-hipster product goes mainstream, at least you could consider yourself a trendsetter, right?

2 Bionic Beauty April 7, 2013 at 11:43 am

I totally agree with you Tashi! 🙂
And I guess my favorite non-mainstream products would be YBF Skincare and Purely Cosmetics. I love every single thing that those two companies make. And for hair care, I’ll have to say AG Hair Cosmetics. I adore their Colour Care shampoo & conditioner.

3 Tashi April 9, 2013 at 3:02 pm

Ah, yes, I forgot about the first two companies you mentioned. There is a company with the same “ybf” name, but its cosmetics are sold on a tv shopping channel. I’d think that the one you love so much gets confused with that other line? When I first heard of them through your site long ago, I thought that the line sold on tv was that which you adore. Nope. I’ve never heard of AG. But then, I am not always “hip” — hip to be square, maybe.

4 Bionic Beauty April 10, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Heya Tashi,
First… I hope you’re having a great week! Things are good here, but busy. Isn’t that always the case?
Anyhow, on to beauty topics. 🙂
AG is not too well-known I don’t think. I’ve had a few family members now who switched to their shampoos and conditioners after taking a shower at my place and were converts immediately! I’ve found it for the best prices on Amazon. I actually have an idea- I think I have some tiny bottles… maybe I can send you a bit of some of mine? That way you can try it out. AND.. I can say THANK YOU for being such a loyal Bionic Beauty reader! I’ll email you directly so we can chat off-comment-thread.

You are not alone in the YBF confusion. I believe YBF Skincare was around before the dang cosmetics line, but I can’t speak for sure. Actually, I’ll send this thread to the owners of YBF Skincare and get the info straight from them. I’ll report back soon. 🙂


5 Darrell Owens April 10, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Hi Jami and hi Tashi,
I hope springtime has been well to you — here in Minneapolis we had yet another snowfall last night and are expecting more snow tonight.

So to provide some clarity regarding YBF…

Our brand, Your Best Face Skincare LLC, which began in 2004, is the senior user of the YBF mark.

Unfortunately Stacey, owner of the brand Your Best Friend (ybf) Stacey which outsources the manufacture of make-up products sold on the Home Shopping Network and elsewhere has created confusion in the marketplace by mimicking our YBF mark.

All during the early days of Your Best Face Skincare, Stacey was operating her make-up brand under the name, Models Prefer Inc. and was selling on QVC. For various reasons which you may read about in court records from 2007, Stacey left QVC and changed her brand name in 2008 to Your Best Friend Stacey and adopted use of a YBF mark similar to ours.

You can see indications of our early use of the YBF mark in commerce by viewing the WHOIS records of our web site domain, established June 4, 2005. Comparatively, you can see when viewing WHOIS records for Stacey’s brand as established April 26, 2006.

Also, our products began selling at The Skin Care Shop in early 2007 and you can read on Stacey’s own web site that she launched her re-branded products in the summer of 2008.

At the start of 2009, Stacey reached out to me via email to express she was “very excited about the synergies shared by our brands” and wanted to let me know she had had her assistant purchase an entire set of our line from The Skin Care Shop (we have purchase records). In receiving Stacey’s email, I called her at the phone number she provided. Stacey answered and was very friendly and kind. We talked for quite a while about products and ingredients. Stacey said that she was aware of our brand and that HSN had come to her asking if she would be interested in expanding her own line to include skin care. She asked questions about how our brand was going and such. Overall a pleasant call.

Fast forward to summer of last year, 2012. Stacey began re-branding Your Best Friend Stacey “ybf Stacey” as “ybf Beauty.”

Fast forward to my birthday of last year, November 13, 2012. I received a cease and desist from Stacey with the claim that read, “Our client recently became aware of your use of the YBF mark and attempt to create confusion in the marketplace.”

We responded with documentation that stated we believe we are the senior users of the YBF mark and invited them to share information that would speak otherwise. We also explained that we have other business interests and due to the nimbleness of our small, indie skin care brand, we would be open to discussion of a business arrangement.

We received no reply by the end of the year. Early this year we sent a follow up communication to Stacey stating that we have not heard back, but unless we heard from them within 30 days, we assume they agree we are the senior user of the YBF mark.

Stacey again did not respond and we have sent her a cease and desist.

Thank you,
Darrell Owens
Founding Partner, Your Best Face Skincare LLC
founded 2004

6 Bionic Beauty April 10, 2013 at 8:25 pm

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our questions. I had always wondered what to say when Bionic Beauty readers emailed me asking about the YBF on HSN. Now I can confidently explain and also direct them to this comment.

I can also sympathize with your situation. Since 2007 when I founded BB, I have been trying to secure the non-hyphenated version of my domain from one of those unscrupulous mass domain buyers. He has been difficult to say the least.

Thanks again!

7 Tashi April 15, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Jami and Mr. Owens,

Thanks, Mr. Owens, for the response. I appreciate the clarifications. Best wishes to you and your company.

Thanks also, Jami, for your part in facilitating the discussion/clarifications and helpful information. That’s why I have read BB for so long (well, at least, when I *remember* to. Not your fault! 🙂 ).

8 Darrell Owens April 15, 2013 at 9:09 pm

I am sure Stacey can find a way to ethically resolve the situation and save face with her own brand. She can do that by peacefully coming back to the table she set last fall and then walked away from.

I am also sure that the folks at HSN who have a significant investment in Stacey and her brand would encourage her to create a peaceful, ethical and non-litigious solution that maintains her “Best Friend” image.

The media, after all, loves to share stories about small brands and business owners being trampled by larger brands who think they’re above any ethical responsibility. Add our long-term relationships with THE best and most influential beauty bloggers in the country (Jami is one of them), a great following by the most passionate indie brand consumers — and the audience for our story could become quite massive, fast.

We just want resolution so we can all stay focused on doing what we love — creating great products and experiences. Hopefully we get that.


9 Bionic Beauty April 29, 2013 at 1:09 pm

Hi Darrell, (and everyone else reading this),

I certainly DO hope Stacey, and her Your Best Friend brand, will act in an ethical and responsible manner with this. Please let me know if you need any support. I absolutely dislike (I could use another word but I am trying to stay calm about this topic) when larger brands/companies act like they are better or more important than the smaller brands.

Trying not to get my tail feathers in a bunch over this,

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