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by Bionic Beauty on 22.Mar.2008

Tips from Bionic Beauty
Navigating blogs can be tricky business. We all have a different look, different options to navigate, and ways to find the information you are seeking. This post should help de-mystify some of the ongoings here at Bionic Beauty. I’ve run through the options for navigation, ways of contacting me, and how to stay in touch while you are on-the-go.

~ How to Navigate the Bionic Beauty Blog ~

Categories: You can find these on the left sidebar of every page of the blog. Categories are like topics. You can pick your favorite brand (Lancome, Revlon, Herbaria, whatever) or topic (mascara, lotion, freebies, product reviews, etc) or rating (view the Most Popular category).

Archives: Bionic’s Archives are also located on the left sidebar, just below Categories. Archives are dated by month and year and allow you to go “Back to the Future” of past Bionic Beauty articles.

Search: The Search feature is located in the upper left sidebar. Just type in what you are seeking and hit “Search”.

Related Posts: Under each article (at the bottom of the post) on Bionic Beauty, you will find a list of 4-5 possibly related articles. These are usually related by subject matter and categories. It may be a recent post, or something older that you missed. 🙂

~ Want More Information About Bionic? ~

About: If you are a newer reader to Bionic Beauty, don’t forget to visit the About page. It will give you some insight on me (Jami) and why I started this blog.

Mobile Version: It’s “Take Out for Blogs”. You can surf to on your mobile device, cell phone, PDA, Sidekick, Blackberry or other similar device and the page will be optimized for the smaller screen. Less graphics, smaller fonts. You can even leave comments while on the go. It makes for great reading during road trips (while someone else is driving, of course!!).

And as always, feel free to contact me at anytime through the Contact form. I will never share your contact information or spam you. Ask questions, make suggestions, or send constructive criticism. 🙂

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