Breaking News: Twilight Beauty makeup line launches!

by Bionic Beauty on 28.Aug.2009 · 14 comments

DuWop launches the Twilight Beauty makeup line with Twilight lip Venom

The brand new Twilight Beauty makeup line went live at 12:01am on August 28! For Twilight fans, it’s quite a big deal. For makeup fans, you’ve got some pretty nice options to check over. Only a few items are in stock right now… but you can take advantage of this limited pre-sale to reserve the items you want.

The makeup line is broken into two collections Volturi Twilight and Luna Twilight. Both lines were developed by DuWop Cosmetics. I’ve detailed all the products in each collection below.

I have tried Twilight Venom. It’s basically DuWop’s standard plumping lip venom but it’s packed with a bit more stingy cinnamon. Twilight Venom is also a lip stain. Be sure to shake the bottle well before applying- the red coloring settles to the bottom of the bottle. My experience: I didn’t experience any plumping from Venom; the lip stain color is a really, really bright red– not stop sign red, more like fluorescent red; and the color applied unevenly. I hope some of you have a better experience than I did. Twilight Venom is $16 and is available now.

I adore the packaging motifs on the majority of the collection. The Forks-esque tree outlines are very cool and mysterious. And the Volturi logo is stunning. However, is anyone else reminded of a plain Revlon lipstick when you see the square lip stick?

Just Bitten Staining Balm from Twilight Beauty

I guess both collections just seem a bit “standard” to me. There is nothing really outstanding about most of the colors, and the pricing is quite high. I can’t imagine being a teen in this economy and asking my parent’s to dish out money for this makeup. And besides the motifs and logos on each item, the packaging and look of the cosmetics seems a bit low.

And now the full rundown of each collection…
Luna Twilight makeup collection logo

  • Gleam Metallic Mascara $22, available in black shimmer, blue shimmer and silver. Ships Sept 20, 2009.
  • Moonshadows Eyeshadows, $20 each, ships Sept 15.  This seems like a very unique product- each compact has a cream shadow and a shimmer powder shadow. Available in 4 duos.
  • Femme Fatale lip gloss, $20, ships Sept 20. Available in 8 shades from clear in 53′ Chevy Red!
  • Just Bitten Lip Staining Balm, $18. Available in 4 colors from light pink to deep maroon.
  • Twilight Venom (see my comments above)
  • First Light Body Glow, $34, ships Oct 30. A body lotion with subtle shimmer. I’m not sure of the size, so $34 could be a bit pricey.
  • Mortal Glow Blushing Creme (for face), $22, ship Sept 20. Comes in a swirled pink or swirled beige.
  • Sensational Palettes for eyes, lips and cheeks, $28, ships Sept 30. Each palette has 3 eye colors, a lip color and a blush. They’re based on the 4 female lead characters: Bella, Victoria, Alice and Rosalie.

Luna Twilight will also be available in Nordstrom and Dillard’s stores.

Volturi Twilight makeup collection logo

  • Crown Metallic Mascara $16, available in black shimmer, blue shimmer and silver. I’m loving the looks of the blue!! Ships Sept 20, 2009. I’m not sure why this mascara is 6 bucks less than the Luna version…
  • Foreshadow eyelid primer $11 (basically it’s a nude cream eye base)
  • Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadows $9. Seven cool-toned shades including purples, silvers, and grays. Packaged in the little lucite stackers that Bonne Bell Cosmetics used to use. Ships October 30.
  • Twilight Venom (see my comments above)
  • Enrapture lip gloss, $12. Packed in little eyeshadow-style pans. Comes in sheer black and sheer pink. I’m guessing the black is similar to Lancome’s Piha Black that I adore. Ships Sept 30.
  • Reign Scented Body Mist, $18 and ships October 30. Scented body shimmer sprays in pastel green (“Green Apple”), pink/musky (“Wicked”) , peach/vanilla (“Bella”) and lavender/floral (“Romance”).
  • Immortal Liquid Body Shimmer in Tainted Love (Pink) and Black Magic (black). $20, ships Oct. 30. Too bad it won’t be out for Halloween.

Volturi Twilight will be available online, as well as Hot Topic, Ulta and Torrid stores.

I really like the idea of the Volturi body shimmer. Although I have a ton of body shimmers right now (my personal faves are Hampton Sun’s Shimmer Spray and Spell Cosmetics’ Body Gloss).

Does anyone else feel there should have been some nail polishes included in the collection? I would have thought Alice’s infamous “Blood Red” polish would be a given!

Head on over to and check out the collections. You can pre-order now and most items ship towards the end of September or October. Unfortunately there is no international shipping at this time (that sucks, I know.).

Do you plan to order now or wait for some reviews to come in? What items are catching your eye?

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