Bionic tests the Venus Embrace razor

by Bionic Beauty on 04.Apr.2009

I confess, I’m a long-time Venus razor user. My normal razor is a brilliant pink Venus Vibrance razor. It holds 2 AA batteries and would vibrate a bit while shaving to help exfoliate as you shaved. While I’m not sure it actually helped exfoliate my legs, the nifty gadget-ness appealed to me.

Bionic Beauty product review: Venus Embrace razorBionic Beauty product review: Venus Embrace razor

Venus now has Embrace. The razor head holds 5 tightly packed blades surrounded by 2 protective strips and a full-circle of moisturizing strips. While the razor head itself is quite huge, I still managed to shave detailed areas (like close to ankles) without nicks and scraps. Plus the moisturizing strips really did make for a smooth, burn-free shave.

I liked the gummy handle- it made for a nice grip in the shower. However, after using my Vibrance for the past two years, the Embrace felt amazingly light. That really took some adjusting. I almost threw it around at first.

The main thing I love about my Venus razors, is the ability to put whichever head I choose on them. They are fully interchangeable. So my Vibrance can use the Embrace’s razor heads and vice versa. Basically, I pick up whatever they have on sale at Sam’s or Costco. (Hint: You can also use any of the guy’s versions for Gilette razors too!)

The Venus Embrace is $12.99 at Drugstore.comBionic Beauty product review: Venus Embrace razor. Razor refills are $18.18 for a 4 packGilette Venus razor refills.

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