Vintage Shampoo from Aveda

by Bionic Beauty on 11.Dec.2008 · 4 comments

I have to admit, I was a bit stemmied by a “Vintage 1978 Shampoo” that I received from Total Beauty and Aveda. Vintage shampoo? Huh? But I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try some Aveda products, so I happily bounded off to the shower to have a test wash.

The bottle itself is cute and kitschy, with obvious graphics to induce memories of the 70’s era. I also love that Aveda products are manufactured with 100% wind energy. How grand is that?!?! Love it.
Aveda Vintage 1978 Clove Shampoo

On to the shampoo itself. The Clove shampoo is made to enhance darker blondes and medium to light brunette hair by coating the cuticle with shine and using ingredients to enhance your natural highlights. I noticed incredible shine after one use. Amazing shine! But I also had incredible frizz… boo. I think this shampoo might work well for fine-haired gals like me if we just use it once a week as a detox/clarifying shampoo rather than daily. Plus, be sure to follow it up with a good conditioner.

So my first foray into Aveda was mighty disappointing for me. I know the brand has loads of fans, but this shampoo just did not impress me. It’s not horrible, but certainly not a stellar stand-out either. I adore the cola smell and shine, but will have to pass on repurchase due to the stripped and frizzy way it left my hair.

You can read more reviews on the Aveda website (you can buy it there too – $17 for 8.5 bottle) and also on Total Beauty to decide if this shampoo is for you or not.


1 Deanna December 11, 2008 at 9:54 am

I’ve heard only good things about Aveda, I’m surprised it didn’t turn out so great 🙁 maybe it’s just that particular line anyways. It does makes me feel a little better though because I can’t afford it anyways!

2 BionicBeauty December 12, 2008 at 7:25 am

Deanna, I was surprised too, like you said- I’m guessing that it was this particular line. I looked on Total Beauty and MakeupAlley and this one isn’t getting the normal Aveda “stellar” reviews that their other products get. I’m going to give another of their varieties a try (the Dry Remedy, I believe).
And, oh MY gosh, is it pricey! You’re 100% correct about that. Sometimes I’d like some jewelry with my expensive shampoos. Feels like I should get at least ‘something’ besides just a plastic bottle. 😉

Have a happy Friday!

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