Wanna be a Bond Girl?

by Bionic Beauty on 11.Nov.2008 · 2 comments

This Friday the next James Bond installment hits movie theaters… Quantum of Solace featuring the very cute (er… handsome) Daniel Craig.

And as always, there will be a Bond Girl. That famed and beautiful women who is strong but sexy and bends to Bond’s romantic whiles. Avon has released a fragrance in honor of the upcoming movie, Bond Girl 007-

“No James Bond 007 movie is complete without a Bond Girl, the modern-day epitome of enticing empowerment and serious sex appeal. Women want to be her; men want to be with her – she’s impossible to resist! Now with a little help from Avon and their seductive new fragrance, Bond Girl 007, every woman can feel like a Bond Girl—smart, empowered, resourceful, confident and sexy.” (Source: Avon)

Bond Girl perfume fragrance from Avon

Since I’m all about girls being strong, powerful, heiny-kicking and beautiful at the same time, I was quick to add this perfume to my “Bionic Must Have” list.

I adore the bottle! Pink, curvy and this really cool silver “hook” at the top. It looks super cool hanging out on my counter. The scent isn’t really my cup of tea, but that’s mostly because I prefer fresh based scents (water, more freesia, tropical notes, sporty type scents like Adidas Moves, Curve Wave). This one changed quite a bit on my skin and became a bit too “girly” for me. But… with that said, I can see how this fragrance would really appeal to sensual fragrance lovers. It’s got a lot of layers and the scent wears extremely well through the day.

Here’s the scent “note” breakdown: “blend of velvety florals, cool freshness and warm woods featuring top notes of white peach and orange blossom. Mid notes include jasmine, calypso orchid and freesia, followed by a drydown of amber, cashmere wood, patchouli and musks.”

Here’s to women achieving Powerful Beauty on the big screen, and off!

Bond Girl 007 Parfum is available at Avon.com for $30Bond Girl 007 perfume from Avon (it’s a *big* bottle by the way! yeah!), or order it from your local Avon rep.


1 Denise November 11, 2008 at 9:22 pm

I saw this. I am OBSESSED with Daniel Craig (I’ve seen Casino Royal 40 times) but $30!!! I don’t want to spend $30 on this. If you could get a tube of lotion…

2 Rachiel Grant November 12, 2008 at 1:55 am

“Wanna be a Bond Girl?” Don’t we all 🙂 Thanks for the article.

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