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Welcome to Bionic Beauty!

Welcome to Bionic Beauty! Your one-stop blog for budget friendly cosmetics.
Tired of surfing the internet for new makeup, product reviews, and tips only to find that the items cost exorbitant amounts of moo-lah? Yes. Bionic is too, hence the reason for this blog.

The Bionic Beauty blog will bring you:

  • Affordable new product launches, news and release information,
  • Time-saving and wallet friendly beauty tips and makeup trends,
  • Freebies and samples of your favorite cosmetics products! (can’t beat free, can ya?)
  • Straight-forward, honest, and thorough reviews on hair care, skincare, and cosmetics.
  • Discover indie makeup and cosmetic brands that may be new to you!
  • Stay up to date on the latest sales and discounts online and at your local drugstore.

So stick around, Bionic is Achieving Powerful Beauty!

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