White Sands’ Shampoo and Conditioner Reviewed

by Bionic Beauty on 15.Sep.2008

White Sands shampooShampoos and Conditioners are some of my favorite products to test. I love picking up new brands, especially ones that are lesser-known and more independent. I guess it’s the uniqueness. I’ve been testing a whole range of White Sands’ professional hair care products lately and really enjoyed their Phase One Nourishing Shampoo and Phase One Corrective Conditioner.

Both of these products are specifically designed for colored hair with the perfect pH of 4.6 making your color last longer, helping to prevent fade, and locking color into the hair cuticle. The Phase One shampoo and conditioner also contain White Sand’s own “Clear Micro Shield” to seal hair and add shine. Additionally, there’s the fancy-schmancy Heliogenol: “an herbal extract that protects tinted hair from color loss by neutralizing the oxidative radicals generated by daily UV exposure and slowing down the oxidation of hair dyes”.

Basically, it’s a fantastic combo of products if you color your hair. I was battling this summer trying to keep my brunette hair from fading in the Florida sun (I’m a natural dark blonde/light brown but dyed my hair dark red brown). The Phase One products really helped put the halt on fading and color wash out.

White Sands hair products can be purchased at salons and spas. You can check their website to find a location close to home. Stay tuned for more reviews (by me) on different White Sands professional hair care products.
Photograph is the copyright of White Sands.

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