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Here’s the latest from Bionic Beauty’s co-editor, Joycey Couture…

Tired?  Overworked?  Stressed out?  No silly, I’m not trying to sympathize with you- I was actually talking about your hair.
YY Intensive Moisture conditioner - driftwood

I’ve been your average, run-of-the-mill, grab whatever kind of shampoo girl for years and I honestly didn’t think anything of it until YY came into my life.

“Using the Five Elements Theory, YY’s essential oil based beauty products offer greater levels of harmony and balance between the internal and external selves.  Rooted in the ancient Asian philosophy of Yin and Yang, YY offers a complete range designed to provide a sense of personal wellness and spiritual peace through the balance of each of the Five Elements of the Universe —Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Featuring highly effective formulations, luxurious textures and heavenly aromas, many YY products are over 90% natural.”

Just after reading that I was excited! YY uses the element of wood to represent their hair care- promising the “strength and vitality of wood” in each of their products.

Of the line, I chose to try the Agave (Intensive Moisturizing) shampoo and matching conditioner, Driftwood.

YY intensive moisture sulfate-free shampoo in agave
Now, here’s the best part about YY.  It is a completely eco-friendly company and all of their hair products are sulfate free!

So, you thought sulfates were just in your lunch meat?  Ha, yah… so did I. 😉  Come to find out, you’ll find sulfates in just about all of your daily hygiene products (soaps, shampoos, and even toothpaste)!  Now, you may be thinking like I did- why should I care?  Well, several reasons actually.

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is a detergent and surfactant found in numerous personal health care products.  These substances create the product’s foam to distribute the product more thoroughly.  However, what you don’t know is that SLS and SLES are both irritants, especially after extended exposure.    So, when you rinse your hair or swish out your mouth, the product will have cleaned but will have also stripped the moisture from the top layers of your skin.  In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency has linked SLS and SLES as possible carcinogens.  While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to encourage product manufacturers to remove these substances, it is not required by federal law.


It’s simple enough really- what makes you look and feel healthy?  Isn’t it when you eat more naturally and consume less processed foods?  Your body is your temple.  Don’t just think about what you put in it, but also what you put on it.

After a month of using YY’s Agave shampoo and Driftwood conditioner, my typically dry, faux blonde hair was soft, manageable and much easier to style each morning.  Although I may miss a big pile of lather on the top of my head from time to time, I’m sticking with sulfate free hair products- for good.

Of course, if you’re concerned about the cost of switching a high-end product such as YY- there are alternatives.  One, Coloresse Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.  Coloresse is completely sulfate free and a bit better on the budget at $7.99 a bottle (or $6.99 with your Beauty Club Card).  Another is L’Oreal’s new EverPure line ($6.99).  Don’t have the time to head to the store?  Borrow your toddlers’ toiletries.   Yup, Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo is also sulfate free!  No wonder his hair is always so soft.


1 The Cheap Chick May 21, 2009 at 12:01 pm

Someone told me that baby shampoo had something bad in it. Were they wrong (I thought it sounded odd, myself)? Granted, I’ve also heard that antipersperent was going to kill me, too.
Great info from you, as always!

2 Amy O'Neal May 21, 2009 at 3:47 pm

That sounds awesome… thank you, thank you, thank you!

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