Zoya’s Ki duochrome nail polish

by Bionic Beauty on 26.Apr.2009 · 3 comments

Zoya nail polish in Ki - Indoors with flash
I have a love of duochrome nail polishes. Mostly because I love seeing the variety of colors as the light hits your nails. Mostly I use them on my toes for a pedicure, but it’s just so much easier to photograph my fingernails.

My current polish is Zoya’s Ki. This is my first nail polish by Zoya. It’s a deep purple that appears brown or green depending on the light. I loved the color effects. What I didn’t like was how long it took to dry (even with quick dry topcoats I was smudging for an hour after). And I had chips everywhere by the next day. Oh well… it should last much longer on my toes though.

Here is Ki in sunlight outdoors…
Zoya nail polish in Ki, outdoors

My manicure was a base coat of CND’s Sticky, two coats of Ki, and a top coat of INM’s Out the Door.


1 Ruby October 15, 2009 at 7:28 am

10/15/09 I just stumbled upon your comment about Zoya’s “Ki” duo-chrome which I had on all last week. I did not have a problem with drying or chipping. Did you use Zoya’s Anchor, Armor and Hurry up dryer? I have a hair salon and this is what I do and tell my customers to do and it does work: If needed take care of your cuticles, file nails and go over every nail with a 240 grit file. OPI has a great 240 and by doing this the polish adheres better. Clean nails thoroughly with either alcohol or polish remover to remove any trace body oils from the nails. Start the following process no more than 20 minutes after cleaning nails. Studies show that the bodies natural oils start to come into the nail after 20 minutes. That oil will cause the base coat, polish, etc. not to adhere properly. Apply Anchor and wait about a minute or so to let it at least start to dry and then apply the first application of polish on both hands. Again, wait about a minute, just enough time for the polish to dry a little, but not be totally dry, and then apply the second coat. You want to be careful NOT TO APPLY THE POLISH TOO THICK or it will not dry or will take forever to dry. After you apply the 2nd coat wait 3-4 minutes and apply the Armor top coat. Wait 5 minutes and apply the Hurry up drops. After about 5 minutes or so apply another application of the Hurry up drops. If you follow this format and if you can be careful for about 20 minutes and let the polish set you shouldn’t have any trouble. The Ki lasted for me for one week on natural nails. Every couple of days if did touch up the edges of my nails. It may sound like allot to go through, but it really does go fast. What I do is once I get the first application of the Hurry up drops on I start my makeup which take me longer than 20 minutes to do, so by the time I am done with my makeup my polish is pretty well set. I then try to be careful for about an hour. It is not that I don’t do anything for the hour, I just try to be careful. I hope this helps you. If you like let me know how you make out.

2 Bionic Beauty October 16, 2009 at 8:43 am

Hi Ruby, Thank you so much for the tips! I do have the Color Anchor system from Zoya, but I don’t use it when reviewing a polish’s wear. Since most people don’t have that system at home, I test colors with a normal top coat and base coat. Otherwise, I don’t feel it truly shows the polish quality.

Zoya is good quality, but it certainly doesn’t stay as well (without the Color Lock system) as say- Rescue Beauty Lounge or OPI.

I feel a polish should perform on its own and then be enhanced by top coats, etc. I really do appreciate your step-by-step process. I think it will REALLY help ladies who buy the system. You were very detailed and I truly appreciate you sharing!

Have a wonderful day and welcome to Bionic Beauty!
Jami (aka Bionic Beauty)

3 Ruby October 16, 2009 at 9:27 am

Thank you for your reply. I do have to disagree that the basecoat/topcoat take away from the true color. I go through allot of nail polish here at my salon and can tell you that I no longer even carry OPI because it does not last as long as Zoya. That is not just me, but customer’s as well. Even using OPI’s basecoat/topcoat I personally have had their polish, time and time again, not even get through 12 hours with part of that time sleeping and doing nothing. Even OPI promotes using their system for longest durability which from our experience here is not that long. Of course, it depends on natural nails vs. acrylic and the acrylic certainly does allow the polish to last longer. I have never heard of Rescue Beauty Lounge as my professional beauty suppliers do not carry it and have not heard of it either. In any case, its only nail polish, and in the scheme of things isn’t that important. Take care.

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